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As a pub serving food in the Cotswolds Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty (AONB), we try to source ingredients and produce from local suppliers, where possible.  Not only does it attest to the freshness of our ingredients, but in turn supports local farmers and suppliers, whilst reducing the carbon footprint of petrol consumption of delivery of our ingredients.

Most of our herbs and seasonal vegetables are grown on site in our garden, using our own compost.

- Saving energy

  • Energy efficient lighting systems, where possible and ensure
  • Dual flush toilet systems, reducing water consumption.
  • Use of energy efficient domestic appliances
  • All outdoor lighting on a timer.
  • Sensor operated lighting in corridors and pathways.
  • Energy efficient lights, where possible.
  • Dual flush toilet systems.
  • All lights, except emergency, switched off at night.
  • All unnecessary equipment is unplugged when not in use.
  • Kitchen extractor fans switched off after every service.
  • All heating/hot water on timers.

- Waste Water Treatment

A waste water treatment system has been installed and is maintained regularly with water samples taken regularly and analysed.

- Reducing waste

  • Electronic systems for correspondence, monthly newsletters to clients, and booking systems to help reduce paper waste.
  • Grease traps, emptied every 3 weeks.
  • Paper, cardboard, bottles and tins are collected on site for recycling.
  • All our waste is segregated and disposed/collected as sustainably as possible.
  • Used menus, faxes, and printed material are cut up and used as note pads.
  • Ink cartridges, and batteries are recycled.
  • Cooking oils are collected and made into bio-diesel and bio-fuel.
  • Preferred correspondence is by email, saving paper.
  • Menus and wine lists are printed on recycled paper.
  • Paper towels in the toilets are made from recyclable paper.

- Local economy and community support

“Buying British” is part of our ethos

We buy local produce as much as possible, sourcing food products and beverages, within 30 miles, and purchase game, eggs and meat/poultry from local farms and farmers.

We open work experience posts to the students of local schools and work closely with the respective authority offices. We work with Catering colleges to carry out apprenticeships in all departments.

We mentor and train new staff members, and nearly half our work force is local Some walk to work, others use a “carpool” and weather permitting some cycle to work.

We provide staff housing within the village, reducing the need for staff transport and reducing our carbon footprint.

We provide all guests with walking maps, information on our local surrounding villages and places to visit within the Cotswolds, to promote local tourism and industry. 

The Feathered Nest supports the Westcote community by holding regular village get-togethers, as well as helping to raise funds for village refurbishment. We also regularly support and donate to charities and organizations within the Gloucestershire and Oxfordshire areas. Ie: Kate’s Home Nursing.

We participate in Green Tourism initiatives - and

Saving our planet, one footstep at a time.

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