The Pantry

The Feathered Nest Country Inn is pleased to introduce a range of Pantry products, Rainbow's End Special Collection wines, and Bollinger Champagne to purchase direct.  Prices quoted on Order Form.

WINE: Rainbow’s End Special collections

The Feathered Nest is delighted to be exclusively associated with the Malan Family and represent their wines in the United Kingdom. “Rainbow's End” is the name of the Malan family’s wine estate near Stellenbosch, a name that conjures up divine promises of sunshine after rain, of commitment to the earth, of a destination and of a pot of gold. (Read more on Rainbow's End website or on our Cotswolds Wine Cellar page.)   Prices quoted on Order Form.

Rainbow’s End Merlot, 2010:  Deep red colour. Exotic mulberries and ripe plum on nose. Serious structure and elegant fruit with hints of dark cherry and prune. Well-integrated wood and grape tannins.

Rainbow’s End Shiraz, 2009:  Dark rich & intense wine (Classical French style). A hint of white pepper with bacon, savoury notes, Christmas cake, dark fruit and smokiness. A well-integrated palate of fruit and spice.

Rainbow’s End Cabernet Sauvignon, 2009:  Intense, dark red colour. Earthy and nutty nose with heaps of ripe blackcurrant and cassis berries. Sweetness on entry with chocolate after-tones. Intense mulberries on the palate with well-integrated tannins.

Rainbow’s End Cabernet Franc 2009:  Intense deep red colour. Lovely earthy and tea leaf flavours with Black Forest cake and black cherry. Typical vegetative and herbaceous aromas with mineralic and slight floral after-tones (violets and fynbos). Intense rich fruit and juicy palate, with layers of dark chocolate and a hint of coffee. All in harmony with soft, fine tannins.

Rainbow’s End Cabernet Franc Reserve 2010:  Intense youthful dark red purple colour. Some violets and a hint of truffle on the nose. An intense concentration of meaty, earthy flavours with a hint of dark chocolate on the palate.

CHAMPAGNE: Bollinger

Bollinger Special Cuvée blend incorporates subtle variations each year whilst remaining consistent to a style. Made from a majority of reserve wines fermented either in mature oak casks or small stainless steel tanks depending on the characteristics and fundamental potential of the base wines. It is, therefore, the hardest of all Bollinger's to make. Prices quoted on Order Form.