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Beer & Real Ale Glossary

Amstel Brewery (Heineken International)

The Amstel Brewery (now Heineken International) was founded on June 11, 1870 in Amsterdam and named after the Amstel River, the waters of which also served for refrigeration of the brewery. Amstel was bought out by Heineken International in 1968. In 1972 the Amstel Brewery in Amsterdam was closed and production was relocated to the main Heineken plant in Zoeterwoude.

Amstel Lager

Amstel Lager uses predominantly light pilsner malt, although some dark malt is also used.

Bristol Beer Factory

Bristol Beer Factory Beers, like Bristol itself, seamlessly blend the new with the old. Tried and trusted styles of beer with a contemporary twist are brewed in a hundred year old brewery tower that harks back to Bristol’s industrial age and are sniffed, sipped and swallowed in the inspiring surroundings of the West Country’s oldest pubs and newest bars.

Bristol Ultimate Stout

The Ultimate Stout is a strong black, unctuous and delicious drink. It contains hints of coffee, chocolate & dark fruits and is made using Belgian yeast & roasted malts. This beer is the Ultimate after-dinner treat, drink from a brandy snifter, sat in your most comfortable chair, preferably by a roaring fire, and savour the aromas & flavours. Shared between friends it is the perfect accompaniment to a delicious cheese board.

Cerveceria Modelo - Corona

Corona Extra, better known as Corona and labeled as Coronita in Spain, is a brand of pale lager owned and produced by Cerveceria Modelo at a number of breweries in Mexico. Corona Extra contains water, barley malt, rice and/or corn, hops, yeast, antioxidants (ascorbic acid E300), and propylene glycol alginate E405 to act as a stabiliser. In the United States, Canada, New Zealand, Australia, The Netherlands and the United Kingdom, Corona is commonly served with a wedge of citrus fruit, usually lime or sometimes lemon, inserted into the neck of the bottle, adding tartness and flavor.

Guinness (Diageo)

Guinness merged with Grand Metropolitan plc in 1997 and then figured in the development of the multi-national alcohol conglomerate Diageo.

Guinness Stout

Guinness is a popular Irish dry stout that originated in the brewery of Arthur Guinness (1725–1803) at St. James's Gate, Dublin. Guinness is directly descended from the porter style that originated in early 18th-century London. Studies claim that Guinness can be beneficial to the heart, as researchers found that ‘antioxidant compounds’ in the Guinness, similar to those found in certain fruits and vegetables, are responsible for health benefits because they slow down the deposit of harmful cholesterol on the artery walls.

Namibian Breweries

In 1516, Duke Wilhelm IV of Bavaria introduced the Reinheitsgebot Purity Law to restrict the grain used in beer. This set a new standard of excellence for the brewing of beer. To comply with the Reinheitsgebot, only the following three natural ingredients may be used to brew beer: Malted barley (Malz) which gives the beer its colour contributes to the taste and provides nutrients for the yeast during fermentation. Hops (Hopfen) which gives the beer its distinctive, fresh and bitter flavour and acts as a natural preservative. Water which brings it all together. Although specific brewer’s yeast is used to start fermentation, it is all filtered out before beer is bottled. 

Windhoek Lager

A premium, natural beer brewed according to the German Purity Law (Reinheitsgebot) of 1516, using only the finest imported ingredients certified to contain no genetically modified organisms. This beer is mild in bitterness with a distinctive hops flavour, delivering an exquisite taste profile. (4% ABV)

Peroni Company (now SABMiller)

The Peroni Company was established under the founding family name in the town of Vigevano, Italy (1846). The company was moved to Rome by Giovanni Peroni in 1864, six years prior to the establishment of the city as a capital centre in 1870. It’s best known worldwide for its premium lager Nastro Azzurro, launched in 1963. The London-based brewing giant SABMiller bought the company in 2005.

Nastro Azzurro

Nastro Azzurro, 5.1% ABV, means "Blue Ribbon" in Italian, in honor of the Blue Riband (an unofficial accolade presented to the fastest trans-Atlantic passenger liners in the first half of the 20th century) won by Italian ocean liner SS Rex in 1933.

Purity Brewery (Warwickshire)

Purity Brewery beers are handcrafted and brewed using only premium ingredients. By dedicating their efforts to the highest standards they create beers that are distinctive, character full and above all satisfying.

Pure Gold

Pure Gold, 3.8% ABV, is a refreshing Golden Ale, made with English Maris Otter & Cara Gold malts plus Northern Brewer, Fuggles, Hereford Golding and Styrian Golding Hops. Creating an easy drinking beer with a lovely dry and bitter finish. Winner of the SIBA (society of independent brewers association) Midlands best beer for the category of Best Standard Bitter and has thus qualified for the National Awards held earlier this month.


UBU, (pronounced oo-boo), 4.5% ABV, is named after Purity's faithful/feared canine friend UBU, protector of their secrets. UBU is a distinctive Premium amber coloured beer. Using 100% English Maris Otter Malt with Challenger and Cascade hops, creating a balanced full flavoured beer that is a pleasure to drink.

Rebellion Brewery (Marlow)

Rebellion Blonde

At 4.3% ABV, "Rebellion Blonde" is a blend of both lager malt and bitter malt. When combined, they offer the unique qualities of both a lager and bitter, within the same bottle. Serve chilled to savour it as a light, thirst quenching of the bitter malt are liberated and the product becomes a light, easy drinking bitter, with a dry finish and alternative to a continental style lager. Let it warm up to cellar temperature, (10-14 Degrees C), and the complex flavours a delicate hop aroma.

Ringwood Brewery (New Forest)

Ringwood Brewery was founded by Peter Austin in 1978, a man who is revered as "the father of British Micro-brewing". Ringwood Brewery's first brewhouse was in a former bakery in the old station yard brewing Best Bitter and Fortyniner for a handful of local customers. Thumper, Ringwood's most iconic beer was first brewed in late 1979 without a name. A competition in the local press inspired Joe Leedham from Broadstone, Dorset to come up with a suitable suggestion! In 1986, having outgrown the Minty's yard premises, the brewery moved to its present site, ironically the location of the old Tunks' Brewery which ceased trading in 1821.

Old Thumper

Old Thumper, 5.6 ABV, is a warm, rounded yet surprisingly delicate pale strong beer. On the nose it has a Peppery, spicy aroma with hint of apples. The Palate contains a luscious balance of grain and hop in the mouth, bitter sweet finish with delicate fruit notes.


Boondoggle, 4.2% ABV,  is an American term first coined in the 1920’s. Boondoggle is a word meaning 'work of little value' which we have interpreted to mean 'Jolly' or ‘any excuse for a pint’. It is a blonde and luscious ale Brewed with the finest English Pale Malt, First Gold and Fuggles Hops. It has a hoppy aroma with a citrus punch and a well balanced moreish fruity taste.

Severn Vale Brewery

The Severn Vale Brewery, run by Steve, is based just north of the city of Bristol in an old milking shed near Dursley. Steve is a self-confessed one-man band, or almost a one-man band. He has a little help with the telesales and vat cleaning, the two jobs he happily admits he dislikes, but otherwise he does all the work in this charmingly rustic brewery.

Dursley Steam Bitter

Dursley Steam Bitter, 4.2% ABV, is named in recognition of the mighty steam engines that once made the area a buzzing industrial port landscape. It is a golden ale, light and refreshing with a distinctive floral hoppy finish. Beautifully balanced and subtle beer.

Stroud Brewery

Stroud has long been a hot-bed of innovation and art, and Stroud Brewery celebrates the history, characters and great things that have come from Stroud and the Cotswolds. Stroud Brewery are concerned about their impact on the planet and they strive in every way to make their business as sustainable as possible.

Stroud Organic Ale

Stroud's Organic Ale, 4.0% ABV, is a refreshing, golden beer, with a delicate apple aroma, made using Maris Otter Malt, which is grown a mere 10 miles down the road from us at The Feathered Nest.

Thatchers Brewery

The founder, William Thatcher, first started making cider for his own farm workers in 1904. As the 20th century went on, he started to sell the ciders to outsiders, and eventually to pubs and clubs. The company is still family owned and is now a well known national brand.

Thatchers Gold

Thatchers Gold is a sparkling medium cider with a slightly sticky sweetness.

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