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When the oldest Champagne house joins forces with our award winning talents

Friday, July 18, 2014

Embodying a history bursting with prestige; synonymous with elegance and boasting an unrivalled taste, Ruinart's presence in the world of champagne is matched by no other.

Nicholas Ruinart, a pioneer with a vision scribed his duty to produce “wine with bubbles” on September 1st 1729. Originally made and given as gifts for the customers of his cloth trade, six years later the trade was abandoned, giving way for Nicholas to compete in the burgeoning champagne trade. Ruinart Champagne was met with respected success, and this recognition remains as resolute today as it was two centuries ago.

Reasons The Feathered Nest have chosen Ruinart

1) Ruinart Champagne is a robust yet elegant taste:  
Ruinart Champagne works together with a vast variety of dishes, evoking a palate of many flavours. Our seasonal menu means there are always new tastes to be tried and enjoyed with Ruinart Champagne. The Feathered Nest will be serving three of Ruinart’s Champagne:

"R" De Ruinart complements an aperitif
Blanc de Blancs pairs fantastically well with seafood dishes
Dom Ruinart Rose works well with a hearty rhubarb crumble

2) Ruinart Champagne is a champagne with tiny bubbles: 
This feature is central to the diffusion of flavour and aroma; the more bubbles, the higher quality the taste.

3) The Chardonnay grape:
Blanc de Blancs Ruinart Champagne is made purely of Chardonnay grape harvested from Côte des Blancs and Montagne de Reims, and this also contributes to the base of “R” de Ruinart and Dom Ruinart Rose. Acutely mastered, the Chardonnay grape is slowly matured softening the capriciousness grape for a smooth taste carrying the perfect level of acidity. This elegant and unique taste is referred to as the “Ruinart Taste”

4) An impressive champagne for all to appreciate: 
Uniquely designed and presented representing Ruinart's history and taste, as well as representative of Ruinart's committed interest in contemporary art.

Continuing to create great moments

Enjoy Ruinart as it has been enjoyed through the centuries. Book a table at The Feathered Nest to experience great food and drink in a beautiful location in the Cotswolds.

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